History of Ceramics tiles

Historical facts on Ceramic tiles/ ceramic material.

Ceramic floor tiles and other objects ceramic have bene produced or made by man for over 4,000 years, as early as 24,000 BC people began to model and create animal and human figures out of the clay (from the ground). The pieces would then be fired using a cooking pit/earth oven that would be dug into the ground,at times the clay would be left in the hot sun to solidify.

It is thought that almost 10,00 years later around 14,000 B.C. communities in India and Mesopotamia began to create ceramic tiles for furnishing their living places.
Pottery and clay bricks, were made around 9000 or 10,000 which is also around the time people began to use ceramic pot for storing food and water.

Short Timeline
24,000 B.C. – Ceramic figurines began to be created
14,000 B.C. – First tiles made in Mesopotamia and India
9000-10,000 B.C.- Pottery making begins.

It is thought that ancient glass manufacture is closely linked to the production of ceramic pottery; while firing the pottery in a kiln it is thought that the materials that were used in this process may have resulted in the objects having or developing a coloured glaze finish, there is a high chance that this is was where the process of making glass originated from, although it wasn’t until 1,500 BC that glass was produced independently of ceramics and fashioned into separate items.

Decorative tile work was invented in the east, where it became popular within the community, this is where designed tiles were visualised and created with different pattens and effects. During the Islamic period, all methods of tile decoration were brought to perfection in Persia. It wasn’t until the 12th century that decorative tile work became generally used with-in Europe; first in Spain then spreading its neighbouring countries. and finally the rest of Europe.



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